Clear Reflection Window Cleaning is completely family owned and operated. We do not hire employee's, which enables us to provide our customers with consistent superior services. When you call Clear Reflection Window Cleaning, you know who is coming to your home. Together, we have well over 50 years combined experience in window cleaning.

     We know your time is valuable, so we strive to complete the job as quickly as possible while maintaining a high standard of quality. Unlike other window cleaning companies that may send out 1 or 2 window cleaners, we work as a team of 4 or 5 on all residential jobs.
     The average home takes between 1-3 hours. You no longer have to sit around all day waiting for the window cleaners to complete the job! 

     Here is a little more about our family:


ANDY STUTZ     Andy worked for a pharmaceutical company in Michigan for over 22 years.  In 1996, the plant was suddenly closed down and Andy was among 500 people who lost their jobs.  Looking for a new career, he came in contact with a man who was about to retire and wanted to sell his window cleaning company.  Andy and his wife, Carol, bought the business back in 1996 and have been washing windows ever since.  In 2004, they decided they were tired of the cold Michigan winters.  They sold their business in Michigan and relocated to Atlanta where they purchased the established window cleaning company - Clear Reflection.


CAROL STUTZ     Up till 1996, Carol was a stay-at-home mom who raised 3 children.  When Andy lost his job, she decided to work side-by-side with her husband washing windows.  They primarily did Commercial window cleaning in Michigan, which included several restaurant chains who required weekly services.  In the Spring and Fall, they rearranged their schedule to fit in the residential work.  When they relocated to Georgia, they bought a company who's primary focus was on residential window cleaning.  Since 2004, they have worked together with their daughter Tamara and her husband, Derek.


DEREK MOLDEN     After graduating from college in 1997 with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, Derek went to work in security and later moved into management.  He married Tamara in 1999 and for the first three years of their marriage, he worked for a GM Tier 1 supplier.  In 2001, he decided he wanted to be his own boss.  He bought his own Window Cleaning company and has been washing windows ever since.


TAMARA MOLDEN     Tamara's career began 1994 working at a bank.  For 5 years she worked in banking, first as a teller, then in bookkeeping and finally as the IRA Coordinator.  After leaving the bank, she began work with the State of MI.  Her first year was with the Dept. of Treasury and then she moved over to Dept. of Community Health (MDCH) & The Michigan Public Health Institute. She spent 5 years working as a Program Assistant on multiple public health projects.  She specialized in website design, accounting, budgets/contracts and database management.  Tamara worked Monday thru Thursday at MDCH and on Fridays, worked with her husband window cleaning. Since moving to  GA, she has been able to quit her desk job and work fulltime with her husband.

Clear Reflection • Dacula, Georgia
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